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The Body Refinery is excited to bring you The 5 Week Wellness Challenge
Starting 6 November 2017The Wellness Challenge

  • For just $69* a week
  • Revitalise. Refresh. Renew.

Every person has some sort of injury risk to varying degrees. Restoring correct movement patterns drastically decreases the risk of injury from sport, or everyday activities. Pilates is an amazing movement rehabilitation tool, as it takes you into a safe environment to re-learn good movement. Pilates is also a great way to work out. With these objectives in mind, The Body Refinery developed the 5 Week Wellness Challenge.

The Wellness Challenge is an intensive, cost-effective program that is based on regular Pilates sessions, physiotherapist assessment appointments, as well as cardio, nutrition and education components.


The 5 Week Wellness Challenge includes:

  • 20 Reformer classes with a Diploma-Qualified Instructor.
  • A comprehensive Nutrition Guide, developed by ‘The Cultured Nutritionist”, based on the notion that food that is good for you can taste great too.
  • Two private consultations with a physiotherapist to assess your movement and posture.
  • A cardio guide, developed by a sports and exercise scientist.
  • 5 Weekly Read
  • Access to weekly educational videos to help you better understand the Pilates method.

wellness challenge

If you are new to Pilates, the regular Pilates sessions included in the Wellness Challenge will facilitate accelerated learning of new, strengthening movement patterns. If you have been doing Pilates for a while, the intensive nature of Wellness Challenge will help you progress to whole new levels of movement in a shorter timeframe. Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, believed that to get the best results from of Pilates, it should be practised on a daily basis, and he wouldn’t take on a student unless they could commit to attending his studio at least 3 times a week. At The Body Refinery, we’re not quite as strict as Joseph on attendance, however, past Wellness Challenge participants have experienced the benefits that come with regular Pilates classes.

The Body Refinery’s 5 Week Wellness Challenge aims to provide positive changes to your body over a relatively short period of time. You will improve your body’s movement and your understanding of movement while decreasing your risk of injury. The Wellness Challenge includes a complete nutrition guide, so you will experience the benefits of combining great nutrition and improved movement. These benefits should include improved performance in your chosen sport and improved energy levels and vigour in daily activities.

* Other options are available, contact us for more information.




wellness Challenge

Pilates has been phenomenal and exceeded my expectations on all levels. I started with the “5 Week Wellness Challenge” package and am now about to start my second “8 Week Stay on Track” package.
The Body Refinery is a great studio. The instructors and staff are very friendly. All the instructors are knowledgeable and have positive energy.
I am addicted. I’m so delighted to have found The Body Refinery, I want to exercise and I want to keep coming back.


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